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Nearly all sellers are interested in receiving the best possible price for their businesses. But obtaining a high sales price is not the only priority when selling a company. In most cases, sellers are also concerned about the timing of the sale, the future health of their company, and how the business sale will impact their lives going forward.
What’s critically important to understand is that it is a seller’s motivations to exit a business that define the relative importance of these outcomes.
For example, it’s not uncommon for some business owners to want a fast sale with an immediate departure from the company. Motivations that drive a desire for a rapid exit include owner burnout, the death or acute illness of a business owner or leader, or ownership’s awareness that significant effort lies ahead to ensure the company’s future prospects due to anticipated changes in the market. A seller with these motivations may be willing to sell to the first qualified buyer who comes along. They may also be willing to accept a modest sale price, rather than holding out for a higher offer.
Other sellers, in contrast, take a much slower pace to the exit door. They have no urgent need to sell and they may be motivated to remain involved with the company over the long-term. Their primary motivation may be simply to take some money off the table for future retirement, securing a payoff on the blood, sweat and tears they’ve put into building up their company over the years.